The Real Leaders Are Infact In Short Supply…

Failure is nothing more than a ‘milestone’ in one’s life. There is no successful person who hasn’t seen failures. Failures are in one way necessary, because they make you strong. Tough times, hardships, failures are only the milestones to show you, how far you are from your goal. If you start gasping and sit there holding the milestone, cursing the hardluck or bad luck, you will gain nothing, but will only lose the clear vision of the goal. Sit at the milestone for a while, and make a self-review. Try to find out where things went wrong and what needs to be corrected. An honest introspection will help you find a better way to reach the target. Make sure, the failure doesn’t shake your self confidence, because if your confidence is shaken, you may tend to think, the target is beyond your reach.

– Arun H. Raikar

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